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Postprocessors are prepared by AMS International for a particular machine too. Postprocessor is a tool ensuring correct format of a NC code. Each numerically controlled (CNC) machine requires the appropriate code it will understand. Such a code is a sequence of commands for the machine, which are stored on a drive by the postprocessor as a text file.

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AMS International assist the companies which are just starting their business activities in machining on CNC machines. AMS International works with experienced users of Autodesk systems. We prompt and explain all doubtful issues related to programming of machines or selection of a control system. Upon specific orders, we also equip postprocessors with advanced options and functionalities.


We have a library of several hundred implemented postprocessors for different types of multi-axis milling machines, lathes and multi-purpose machine tools. They are created by our Engineering Team on the basis of the Customer’s individual requirements. Many years of experience of our Team in integration of CAM solutions allowed to acquire the knowledge and skills on the highest and unrivalled level.

Very important feature of our postprocessors is their uniqueness. Our solutions are always in 100% compliant with a customer’s requirements and specifications adopted in its operations.

Postprocessors are not the only service offered by us – we invite you to make acquainted with our training courses offer and with our offer of implementation services.