CAD/CAM/CAQ software for industry

Software for designing and production

CAD/CAM/CAQ software enables comprehensive automation of machining on CNC machines (CNC Computerized Numerical Control). Thanks to the software offered by AMS International, activities such as generating NC codes, performing high-performance machining on machine tools, as well as creating 3D reliefs, will become extremely simple. The software we propose enables the preparation of structurally advanced parts for production. Each of the products we propose will work in all plants where automation of work is required, depending on the needs of each company.

CAD – Computer aided design

Easily create, complete, modify and optimize CAD models. The solutions offered by AMS International are production-oriented, ensuring large savings.

CAM – Computer aided manufacturing

CAM software will enable quick, easy and automatic creation of collision-free NC programs for many manufacturing methods, including drilling, milling, turning, turning with milling, EDM, 3D laser cutting, on many types of machines.

CAQ – Computer aided quality

The CAQ software offered by AMS International will enable manual measurements and operation of numerically controlled measuring machines, enabling verification directly on the machine and correction of key process parameters.


We offer a wide range of services, both for companies and individuals who want to start their adventure in the CNC industry. Our offer includes learning the operation and programming of CNC machines, selection of a solution tailored to the company, implementation of software and post-processors, as well as the development of technology and implementation of palletizing systems. We also organize certified training of NC programming for Heidenhain set-up, knowledge of the offered CAD/CAM/CAQ software. Thanks to them, future CNC machine operators can gain the necessary knowledge that will prepare them to work independently in the industry.

Proposed services

AMS offers comprehensive services in the field of implementing modern systems in the company. Its composition includes pre-sales analysis, postprocessors implementation and user training.

Heidenhain trainings

We offer a wide range of certified NC programming training for Heidenhain control.

Software trainings

We offer one-day or several days  software training.

Implementation of software

We offer full implementation services, configuration and optimization of software.


Postprocessors prepared by our team are created on the basis of the Customer’s individual requirements.

Autodesk Senior Content Developer working with Autodesk Inventor Professional and AutoCAD Mechanical software in the Autodesk office at 10 Rue Duke in Montreal.

Development of technologies

Assistance in selection of tools, complex implementation of palletization systems and elaboration of NC machining program.