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Training in software is another type of trainings offered by AMS International. Training courses on a software can last one day or several days and are intended for the trainees who want to acquire computer knowledge on a basic, advanced or expert levels.

The training cover the following software packs:

  • Autodesk PowerMill
  • Autodesk PowerShape
  • Autodesk FeatureCAM
  • Autodesk PowerInspect

The price includes: participation in a training course, teaching aids, coffee breaks + lunch and the certificate on completion of the training.


Software trainings take place in our competence centres and are adapted to your needs, machines held and measuring heads (e.g., for contact, optical or laser measurements).

Szkolenia z obsługi oprogramowania

Our global training concept assures normalized training programmes. There are also non-standard, special training courses available upon request.

Please contact to obtain additional information on Software Trainings
Example of a training schedule can be found here↵